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Get personalized rates on an auto insurance plan that works for you by partnering with Pinski Consulting. As a licensed insurance broker, Darren Stepinski searches, compares, and partners with the best auto insurance companies around to make sure you get complete coverage at the most affordable rates in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia.

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Individual & Multi-Car Plans

Are you the only driver in your home, or are there multiple drivers, or future drivers? If there are multiple people with cars—or even if you own multiple cars yourself—it might be best to get a multi-vehicle car insurance plan. Together, we’ll go through rates for each driver and see how we can save you money on individual and multi-car insurance policies.

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Auto insurance prices are always fluctuating, so it’s important to shop around often to figure out when it’s time to switch. Trust Pinski Consulting to get you the best rate on your car insurance through multiple price checks, double checking on previous rates and results, and constant communication with you.


Q: Why did my auto insurance go up when I do not have any tickets or accidents?

A: You may be in a bad bucket. Your premiums are calculated based on many factors. Once you select a policy, your policy is put into a bucket with thousands of people with similar variables. If your bucket pays out more money for claims than it takes in with premiums, everyone may see an increase.

Q: I have a teenager driver getting ready to get a license, how much will my insurance rate go up?

A: As a father who had 3 youthful drivers at once on his policy, your rate can be substantial if you do not shop. I pride myself on finding the most affordable insurance for a family with youthful drivers because I have been there.

Q: How long can I stay on my parent’s policy?

A: Once you have reached the threshold of independence, you must start your own auto policy. Physically living at another location would be considered independence. If you are at school and live away from home, you can stay on your parent’s policy or if you live in a house your parents own.     

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Stop overpaying for car insurance. Call Pinski Consulting today to compare and contrast rates with the best performing agencies in your area. Whether you need individual or group auto insurance, I will work with you to make sure all of your vehicles are completely covered. Call today to get started.

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